Amber (by Lyn)

the Knitting Dragon

Azhreia lurking on a leather chair.Azhreia is a slightly elderly, slightly cranky, but nonetheless lovable dragon. She is often found on the DalNet IRC channel #afd, or sitting back in her armchair with a pile of knitting. Her colouring here is spot on, the materials being easily obtained from the local material shop as offcuts and such like. Unfortunately I was unable to knit little multicoloured sockses for her feet - which would have been the icing on the cake. Still, you can't have everything.

She has a habit of making up very disarming nicknames for people, then proceeds to use them in front of everyone. If she can embarrass someone then she'll go for it. She also complains alot about her terrible teens (offspring), but everyone knows that it's only in jest. On the whole, she is very friendly and safe to know.

Azhreia hails from the land down under, and presumably she glows like the rest of the women but I've never been there to find out. Typically tough like a lot of Australian women, she doesn't suffer any nonsense, unless she's part of it. To that end, she can very easily be enticed into punning matches - much to the consternation of Batty and other #afd denizens.

Azhreia is very easy to make from the pattern. The eyes were readily available push-through (child safe) types. The fur, as previously stated, was from offcuts - though it was also available off the roll in the local fabric shop. The orange mane was simply a feathered string (tinsel like). The most difficult thing to obtain were the beans, but in many countries these are readily available in hobby stores.

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One last thing, when you come to print out the pattern DO NOT select the 'fit to page' option - the PDF has been designed to fit on both A4 and letter paper and if you select 'fit to page' then the size of the pattern will be too large.

Azhreia on the arm of an orange sofa Azhreia on a differently coloured sofa - lazy thing

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