A Dragon perching on a hut at Thorpeness, East Anglia

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The Dragon as an Archetype 

This essay discusses whether the Dragon can be considered as an Archetype. It runs through symbolism in various cultures and the origins of the dragon legends.

Jabberwocky Explained 

This page contains the famous poem 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carrol, the one in 'Alice through the Looking Glass'. However it doesn't just stop there, oh no. All the strange words that you might have wondered about within the poem are explained - just click on the word that you want to know about. Have fun!

Fashion Steve 

Have you ever wondered what Steve (a Wizard on the Alfandria MUCK) looks like with different coloured hair? No? Well you should do! This page allows you to change Steve's appearance in subtle and not so subtle ways, just to your liking!

Draconic Links 

Just what it says really. This is a page of links to recommended Dragons sites. There is a form for you to submit your own link too.


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