A Dragon perching on a hut at Thorpeness, East Anglia

to Draconic Sites!

The AussieGather 1 

Details about the first Australian Dragon Gather - 23rd September 2002.

The Alt.Fan.Dragons Web Site 

This site has a link to almost everything you might want to know about dragons!

The AltFanDragons.org Dragon Web Directory 

This site is a general directory site with searchable links to a growing number of Dragon related sites.


Artwork, stories, poems, information, and Dragon e-Cards too. Definitely worth a visit.

Polenth's Weyr 

This site has one of the most comprehensive archives of dragons in myths and legends anywhere on the net.

The Dragon Code site 

The Dragon Code is a 'Geek Code' derivative that allows you to describe yourself in detail but without writing reams of text. It was designed to be suitable for e-mail and newsgroup signatures.

The #afd DALnet IRC channel 

Instructions on how to connect to the IRC dragon channel!

The Alfandria MUCK 

The official MUCK site for Alt.Fan.Dragons, or just Dragons and Dragon lovers in general.

Wyrm Software 

Free software written by a Dragon (guess who) - including WyrmNet.

The Alt.Fan.Dragon Literature Page 

Stories and articles about Dragons and by Dragons.


Computer Gargoyles - ideal for guarding your machine from unwanted attention!

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew 

I just like wandering around this place!

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