Laurence Mee

This is my Home Page - for what it's worth!

There is more to me than what you can see.

Me in 2011! My Triumph Sprint ST 1050 ABS

 Personal Details:

 Starsign: Leo
 Occupation: Software Engineer
 Resident: Horley (Surrey), UK
 Phone: +44 (0)7973 461314
 Family Tree: Currently a work in progress.



My current bikes are a Triumph Daytona 675R and a Street Triple R. Before that I had a Sprint ST 1050 which I bought second hand for commuting after my previous Sprint ST 1050 ABS lunched the engine after something went through the oil cooler on the M25. That Sprint ST 1050 ABS, shown above right, was bought new on 4th June 2005. I traded in my previous Triumph (a Sprint ST 955i) which I had bought new on 6th April 2002. That too had been bought by trading in my previous Triumph to that (a Trident Sprint bought on 8th August 1999). My previous Triumph to that (a Trident 900) was involved in an accident with a car that tried to do a three-point turn on a main road without warning! I had bought that one new on 19th April 1997 after writing my last one (of three years) off on a patch of diesel on Kingston Bridge.
I am the Membership Secretary and Webmaster for the Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club (TOMCC) which takes up an evening a week.
I'm also mad keen on MotoGP.

Software / I.T.:

Yes, I write Computer Software (C#/.NET mainly)! I currently work for Data-Re and am based in Surrey.
I also write my own software in C#/.NET. If you are interested, you can view my current C.V. in Adobe PDF format.

I have written a number of FreeWare programs, the most popular being WyrmNet, which is a text-based Telnet Client especially suited to MUDs (MUCKs, MUSHs, and MOOs). You can see more of my freeware programs on my Wyrm Software site.

I am also involved in producing and maintaining Web Pages for others. The busiest one of these is the Ultima Sports super car site.


I have been collecting Cacti since 1975 and currently have well over a hundred specimens. I like them chiefly because I can forget to water them for some time and they won't complain by wilting and dying off! I also grow many of them from seed.
There are some excellent references to Cacti on the Web, none better than Tony Mace's Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall.


From a very early age I have had a passion for Dragons and Mythology, whether in literature, sculpture, or legend; and have a small collection of Dragon figures. Part of this collection are my hand-sewn (believe it or not) Cuddly Dragons - the patterns are available if anyone is interested in making them themselves.

Other Hobbies:

I listen to a wide variety of music - though a lot of it tends to be Classic Rock (and Progressive at that). My favourite band is Hawkwind. I listen to Planet Rock when I can (on the Internet or DAB).
I like Old British Children's television programs, such as The Clangers, Mr Benn, Camberwick Green, Trumpton, Chigley, and Bagpuss. I also like documentaries - you're never too old to learn.
I also like all types of Board games and Role Playing games, being once heavily into Live Action Role Playing (which I was introduced to by Stuart Bonham, Brian Nutter, Eddy Morris, and Steve Russell - who I used to share a house with back when I was at Birmingham University). I helped in the founding of the Birmingham University Treasure Trap Society. I later went on to play a significant part in, what was then, Pete Garner's commercial LARP Labyrinthe - ask any of the really old staff if they remember the Alchemist!

Links to Friends' Sites:

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