Pictures of Wyrmy!

Various pictorial impressions of how others see Wyrm.

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Artist: Cerulean (Kevin Pease)
This was the first picture drawn by another of Wyrm. His spines aren't that prominent here, but it gives him a friendlier look I think.

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Artist: Eozarth (Andrea Baldwin)
This was drawn as part of a range of plushie toys (Clothies) based on particular dragons. The web site has long since vanished - this being the only picture left that I can find. I may even make a plushie just like it at some point!

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Artist: Malystryxx (Jana Hill)
This picture of Wyrm and Cuddly Dragon (a Suffolk Wyvern who inhabits the Aldandria MUCK) was drawn on request by Malystryxx. I think she's done a brilliant rendition of Wyrm - but then she is a brilliant artist.

How to draw Wyrm

There are a few elements of Wyrm that you probably ought to know before drawing him. Basically he is a Fire Drake which means that he can assume any colour that fire can (from Charcoal Black to White Heat). He is a very spiny dragon, with spines all down the length of his body and on his head. Wyrm is a Drake so does not have any wings. Other than that, it's your own personal interpretation of Wyrm that counts.
Have fun!