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Wyrm - In his own imageWyrm - A Snapshot

Drakes are Dragons that don't have any wings (not male ducks or Elizabethan sailors) - it is still argued as to whether they were Dragons who lost their wings or that Dragons were Drakes that developed wings. Being a Fire Drake (and an ancient one at that) Wyrm can not only 'breath' fire but can assume any colour associated with that element (from charcoal black to white heat) depending on his state of mind at the time of course. Dietary wise, Wyrm will eat almost anything as long as it isn't spicy and is not covered in oozy stuff (you know, Tomato Ketchup, Salad Cream, that sort of thing)! He tends to draw the line at other Dragons, though if he ever finds a clutch of Dragons' eggs unguarded...


Wyrm is a Fire Drake - a very ancient race.
You can sometimes see him flicker as he moves from place to place.
Around about in Surrey is where he can be found,
but only if you're lucky 'cos he likes to move around!
His fiery looks and temper can fill you full of fear,
and when he's feeling hungry it's best to stay well clear!
He's very fond of cheesecake and everything that's sweet.
The most irascible old Dragon that you could ever meet!


Wyrm - Some Facts

Wyrm's Dragon Code is as follows:


This is a short-hand way of saying that Wyrm is a Male Dragon of ancient origins; 700 feet in length; serpentine and under-weight; has a head, two pairs of legs, and a tail; is fiery red in colour; is covered in scales; has a flame breath weapon; eats everything and has an insatiable appetite; is a real 100% dragon (not a virtual one); is on-line every day on a regular basis; is a child of fire; hasn't told many people of his true nature; likes a good laugh; has been active on the alt.fan.dragons newsgroup almost since it started; is well known in all areas; can be very irritable at times; is comfortably well off; is quite protective about his hoard; he has a mate to be; is positive that he has no offspring; has reached the top of his magical abilities; is immune to psionics; knows most things about computers and technology; and finally only accepts hugs from close friends (and his mate to be).

The image you have of Wyrm is very likely going to be different to others. Because of this, there is a page dedicated to how others envisage Wyrm to be like (both in pictures and in prose) - you can even submit your own ideas.


A Dragon is most partial to munch
on a snack of a knight for his lunch
in tin they are clad
so they don't go bad
and the bones are quite nice to crunch!


Wyrm - Encounters with Dragons

So, you want to hang out in the same places that Wyrm (and many other large fire-breathing monsters ... and other Dragons) frequents? You must be mad!

The first, and main, place is the Usenet newsgroup alt.fan.dragons where you can take part in all manner of discussions (not necessarily about dragons).

The second place frequented by dragons (and fruit bats, and foxes, and ...) is the #afd channel on the DALnet IRC service - you will need a decent IRC client such as LeafChat.

The last (but by no means the least) place is the Alfandria MUCK where Wyrm is a Wizard. To connect to the Alfandria MUCK you will need a MUCK client such as WyrmNet.


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