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Wyrm /w3:m/ [also wurm] noun. a type of dragon with a long slender body, often able to breathe fire, with either none or four limbs but usually without wings. Derives from the Old Germanic Gewurm.

If you are looking for references to White Wolf's misrepresentation of the wyrm, or even Mark Fabi's novel ... then you've come to the right place to wipe away all your misconceptions! This site is dedicated to the legendary beast that is the dragon. Here you will discover the truth about these secretive and shy creatures, persecuted without reason to such an extent that they have to hide themselves away in the most remote areas of the earth ... such as Milton Keynes! You may also discover that these noble animals are now living right beside you, discovering a new way to be themselves through the freedom of the internet. I hope you enjoy your visit.

There has been a site on the Internet to Wyrm since 1996. The Wayback Machine first archived it on December 30th 1996: wyrm.demon.co.uk.

The site was swapped to the current domain in 2001. The Wayback Machine first archived that on March 5th 2001: www.wyrm.org.uk.

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